Infected Blood Inquiry Report

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We know that you may be concerned about their own health following recent media coverage, please visit the new online resource for patients and the public to find help and support –

  • Since 1991, all blood donated in the UK has been screened and distributed by NHS Blood and Transplant following rigorous safety standards and testing to protect both donors and patients.
  • Since testing has been introduced, the risk of getting an infection from a blood transfusion or blood products is very low.
  • All blood donors are screened at every donation and every donation is tested before it is sent to hospitals. Blood services and blood safety have been transformed, not only in terms of technological advances in testing but also in the way donors are recruited and checked to make sure they are safe to donate.
  • Given the time that has elapsed since the last use of infected blood products, most of those who were directly affected have been identified and started appropriate treatment. However, there may be a small number of patients where this is not the case, and particularly where they are living with asymptomatic hepatitis.
  • If you are worried and need to speak to a clinician please contact the practice either by using our online e-consultation services PATCHS, give us a call on 01422 247528 or pop in to the Practice and we will arrange an appointment.